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"I have had PrishanTek do several website designs for me - both commercial and personal - and been very satisfied with their work!"
                                             - Paulette Donovan, Director, Southern Web Studio, SC


The Components of Perfection:

At PrishanTeK, every possible means of enhancing a client’s business website is employed. The repertoire of tools includes professionally generated textual content, the aesthetic use of colors and fonts and extremely appealing graphics.

The features we incorporate in our websites are:
Custom Design: Layout and design are planned and incorporated for maximum impact and visual appeal – in other words, a perfect platform for the client’s business.
Maximized Loading Speed: Every key aspect of the website (images, HTML code etc.) is optimized to facilitate fast downloading.
Web Graphic Optimization: Enhanced technology is employed for optimal downloading of jpg and gif web page images.
Customized Manual Coding: Manual coding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server-scripts on each web page via text editor ensures highly optimized code, resulting in fast-loading web pages. WYSIWYG editors are NOT employed - this prevents the generation of superfluous code and increase in web page file size.
Seamless navigation: Advanced website navigation know-how assures 3-click webpage connectivity even to the most complex sites. This translates into maximum visitor accessibility – and optimum exposure to vital business information.
JavaScript and Flash Interactivity Interactivity elements such as image mouse- overs provide added appeal to the website.
Animation - Flash and/or Animated gifs: Additional incorporation of Flash or animated gifs for further enhancement can decisively augment your message.
Online Form Validation: HTML forms of the ‘Contact Us’ kind are validated using both client-side (JavaScript) and server-side scripts, thus eliminating the possibility of junk mail. Integration of server-side emailing scripts to such forms lends your website a professional look.
Search Engine Optimization: PrishanTeK’s advanced comprehension of search engine parameters guarantees websites that are location and access friendly.
Online Marketing: PrishanTeK will assist you in attaining maximum commercial exposure benefit from your new website by link development, inclusion in key online directions etc.

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