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"They (PrishanTek) worked long hours to get the project done on time and I appreciate their hard work and dedication to accuracy.”
                           - Tony Gorman, CTO, Global Solutions LLC, CA 


Our Approach

PrishanTeK’s multifaceted approach to addressing the global e-market has reaped rich returns. To attain our clients’ business objectives, the company operates as an independent software house, expert consultancy and outsourcing resource. We assume these roles individually, in synchronous combination or all at once – as the case warrants. Fixed-price or time-and-materials contracts are accommodated with equal ease and profitability, providing outstanding value for money in each case.

We establish the exact nature of your requirements with two basic queries:

• What do you need?
• When do you need it?

Your needs will then be addressed by a focused Supply-End Team that specializes in locating appropriate and cost-effective resources at any point of the globe. At all times, PrishanTeK maintains an atmosphere of mutual trust with consumers, business associates, and employees. Human and material management must remain harmonized for us to achieve our mutual goals.

Our specialist divisions operate as independent entities, never losing sight of the unified whole. Constant orientation and upgrading processes ensure that the company can offer highly customized and value-added solutions.

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