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"The expertise of these guys (PrishanTek Team) is top-of-the-line! Add to that prompt service and practically round the clock support! All I can say is - they know their stuff.”
                                   - Randy Morrow, CEO, Digital Dívide, Canada


Have a great idea for a CD-ROM or DVD but don't know how to get started?

If you lack the time, manpower or technical resources for developing your own CD or DVD content, PrishanTek can provide DVD and CD custom content development services. PrishanTek’s multimedia authoring staff specializes in providing the highest quality CD-ROM and DVD authoring for businesses of all sizes. We offer creative multimedia design and development using leading applications including Macromedia® Flash, Final Cut Pro and Adobe® Acrobat®.

How does it work?
Give us your raw materials, Video Files, PDFs, Audio Files, electronic files, images, or anything else you want added to your finished disc, and our expert specialists will transform them into a customized, fully-interactive CD-ROM or DVD. It's surprisingly affordable.

  You may have available content.
  You may have a winning idea for content
You may have nothing more than a vague concept.
You may have ready content and a fully evolved concept, but may lack the means to develop on them.

Whatever the case, PrishanTeK’s our specialized and fully equipped authoring services take your resources and present you with a finished, top-of-the-line, completely professional product. That includes the development of aesthetic packaging and artwork.

What is CD Authoring?
The term CD authoring pertains to the end-to-end CD creation process, as opposed to the routine act of burning a CD. The creation of a professional format CD involves a number of well-defined stages.

At PrishanTek, this process begins with establishing the product’s content and purpose. Authoring of data, video and audio CDs calls for different technical approaches - especially if they are meant to be mass produced. We then compile and organize the content or data our client wishes to feature on the CD. If no such data is available, we will generate it. A separate Design Team handles the packaging and presentation.

As you can see, there is a world of difference between a home-produced CD and a professionally authored one.

What is DVD Authoring?
DVD authoring involves the assembly and layout of the individual DVD elements, i.e., graphics, subtitles, menu pages, interactive functions and other customized options, encoding of the audio and video, the and incorporation of such separate elements into the final product.

DVD authoring has outgrown the limited purview of film makers and movie studios. With the necessary expertise, DVDs become important and effective business tools. A case in point is the now popular DVD business card.

DVD business cards, unlike their predecessors, are incredibly versatile and allow you to leave a person with more than just your contact information. In fact, regardless of your professional platform, you can put samples of your work on business card DVDs as a ready reminder and long-term reference source. This eliminates the guesswork involved in website solicitation and infinitely multiplies the chances of being reverted to in the future.

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