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"We are now constantly amazed with the PrishanTeK’s professionalism and work ethic. Their team members will not rest until you are 100% happy with their work."
Walter Brisk, BDM, MPR Software, WA



Perfection - The Only Standard
PrishanTeK makes no compromises on precision. With Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) as the yardstick, our QA division employs specially formulated processes based on technical reviews and software testing at every stage. PrishanTeK’s QA team does not spring into action as an afterthought but actively and constantly assists the project team in achieving a high quality end product.

Quality Assurance at PrishanTeK follows a rigorous protocol of:
Process supervision
Record maintenance
Multilevel technical analysis

We at PrishanTeK believe that our success and that of our clients are inseparable. With us, you will discover the fullest potential of e-commerce – no matter how far-ranging or intricate your business interests are. The industries to which we offer customized solutions include (but are not limited to):


Online gaming/contests
Finance and investment
Real estate
Biotechnology/pharmaceutical/medical products/services

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