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"My site was a mess. I was ready to trash it when I contacted PrishanTek. I knew immediately that we could work together. Within five days I had an incredible site that reflected me. Five days!”
                   - Nancy Andersen, Partner, Eazy Wedding Solutions, Inc., Washington, DC


Graphic Designing

PrishanTek is equipped with a full-service graphic Designing Studio. We offer a wide range of professional design services that suit your budget. We will create an exciting, sharply focused, affordable solution to meet your graphic design and visual communication needs. Our specialty is Branding and Brand Management. Branding is not just for big corporations anymore. In fact, Prishantek Brand Management Plan is a cost-effective solution to help you improve your business image and increase your revenue, while maximizing your marketing budget. Our expert designers can help you by providing creative and effective graphic designs and identity building marketing systems.

The process of designing for print begins with communication. The first step in a Print Design project is to understand the desired outcome. Whether you need a business card design, company logo, corporate brochure, business stationery, presentation folder, catalog or multiple projects, each collateral piece should achieve the goal of marketing or selling a product or service.

What do you want your design project to accomplish?
Who are you selling to?
How do you want to be perceived by your target audience
What is your unique selling point?

With a clear understanding of your marketing objectives, the designer can now move on to selecting the color scheme, fonts and concept. A composite is developed that will integrate your marketing objectives with a design style that will appeal to your target audience. This corporate identity or branding will encompass a look and feel for your business that communicates a specific visual message.

Here is the brief list of designing services provided by PrishanTek:

Advertising Design
Design for magazines, newspapers and other publications. Advertising design incorporates market research, photography and copywriting tailored to your specific market.

Catalog Design
Our services include photography, design, production and copywriting. If you sell products, a properly designed catalog is your key to success.

Logo Design
Logos are a very important part of your business. We will design a business identity specifically tailored to your industry.

Poster Design
Posters are a large visual marketing tool. They are indispensable for trade shows and outdoor advertising.

Brochure Design
A good brochure is a vital business tool. Often a customer will hold onto your company's brochure until its services are required. A brochure can also be converted to PDF format for download from of your website.

Flyer Design
Flyers are used for many reasons, including event promotion, sales and advertising. We provide design, photography and print management for your flyer design project.

Corporate Identity
A brand is an identity, a lasting image or impression of the company, its product or service in the minds of the customers (external and internal). Great effort and care is called for in translating the vision into a lasting brand-identity. This includes, but is not limited to, Corporate Logo Design, Stationery Design, Business Card Design, Packaging Design, Product Sheet Designs, Presentation Folders, etc.

Designing for web business
Our experienced designers are seasoned experts in web and other traditional media and provide a unique perspective to your online business. We don't view your website and multimedia in a vacuum. We offer a big-picture balance assuring that your message is communicated effectively through the most efficient channels. We provide complete solutions for your web designing needs of Copywriting, Newsletters, Direct mail, Banner Advertisements, E-book design, etc.


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