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"Three years ago,during my visite to india,the country was emerging as an IT superpower.Today,the country is handling the most sophisticated projects in the world...I am impressed with the talent we have in our India Development Centre and the quality of software being developed.”
                                    - Bill Gates, Microsoft



PrishanTeK provides outsourced IT functions on behalf of an organization. Our services range from outsourcing of individual IT projects to complete IT department outsourcing. The areas we outsource include network and systems administration, software maintenance and support, installation and commissioning, and training. Outsourcing allows your organization to focus on its core business whilst still providing essential services more efficiently - and often at a reduced cost.

By outsourcing some, or all, of your software development and IT requirements to PrishanTeK you will:
Remain several steps ahead of the competition in terms of technology and skills.
Reduce development schedules and start up time
Reduce capital expenditure
Minimize risk
Reduce manpower and training costs
Improve quality
Improve efficiency

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