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"In retrospect, it was one of the best decisions I have made for my business. Not only did PrishanTek create a professional quality website at an unbeatable price, they were also attentive to my needs. "
Jacqueline Cornejo, Partner, Pridemore Realty Advisors, Inc., MD


Design Services

At the helm of IT services and solutions across the globe, PrishanTeK provides expert portal management and portal/website development facilities to an international clientele. In an area where new advances in design and technology are emerging every day, this expertise lends a decisive edge to our services. PrishanTeK’s operations extend from its head office in Washington DC Metro area to its two offshore units in India. Each base employs 85+ highly professional and efficient web developers.


We at PrishanTeK specialize in e-business solutions for enterprise customers and product realization services to Internet infrastructure customers. These include Architecting, Integrating and Managing solutions. Backed by state-of-the-art software engineering processes, the company effectively impacts the global e-marketplace. Numerous satisfied customers in USA, UK, India and beyond swear by the difference that our services have made.

This is how our services will benefit our business
High-speed market access in any commercial arena via a wide spectrum of technologies ranging from eCommerce to wireless
Highly competent, hand-picked and extensively trained service force
Constantly upgraded processes
Cutting edge technology expertise
A complete and highly adaptable service portfolio

What customers are saying about our Web Designing Services...
"This is an awesome company with extremely professional, creative, affordable and prompt services. It provides the high quality, eye-catching creative designs that every business needs to succeed and get noticed at a price that doesn’t make you blink. Great job, guys! You've definitely got a repeat customer in me!"

Ahmed Ghuhari
Partner, United Designs
Atlanta, GA

"I was very pleased by PrishanTeK’s response time and quality of the two banner projects that my company asked it to design for us. They met and in fact exceeded our expectations for both projects. My company will continue to use PrishanTek for all of our advertising illustrations."

Eugene Burns
Director, Camden Remedies, LLC.
Philadephia, PA

"Despite many price quotes from other web designers, I decided to go with PrishanTek, Inc because I felt they offered the best value for my money. In retrospect, it was one of the best decisions I have made for my business. Not only did PrishanTek create a professional quality website at an unbeatable price, they were also attentive to my needs. They consulted with me on the telephone and email and created a website that exceeded even my own expectations.

I would highly recommend PrishanTek to anyone who is looking for a professional yet affordable web design company."

Jacqueline Cornejo
Partner, Pridemore Realty Advisors, Inc.
Baltimore, MD

"We have worked with PrishanTek on several large web projects. We jumped from company to company until we settled on this excellent company and are now constantly amazed with the PrishanTeK’s professionalism and work ethic. Their team members will not rest until you are 100% happy with their work. After several months of working together with them, I am happy and proud to say that not only was it a perfect business relationship, but we have made some great new friends as well. As far as we are concerned, there is no one better!"

Walter Brisk
BDM, MPR Software
Olympia, WA

"We selected PrishanTek, Inc in November 2002 primary vendors for outsourcing all our client’s web development projects. Since that selection, we now possess a beautifully comprehensive web site that has met all our expectations.
Throughout these years, has PrishanTek demonstrated excellent development skills, outstanding communication and first-rate customer support. We will continue to work with PrishanTek in the future."

Dhruv Garg
President, IntelliWerkes, Inc.
San Diego, CA

"PrishanTek has been very patient and focused on getting my site just right. They have a terrific sense of color and layout - and used that to take incorporate my ideas to design a visually appealing and inviting site for us. They also meshed beautifully with another contractor that did illustration work for the site – PrishanTek, incorporated that work and produced a seamless user experience. PrishanTek faced trying circumstances during the time that they were working on my site and demonstrated real grace under immense pressure. I heartily recommend working with PrishanTek – Prerna and Manish are not just a great team – they have great strength of character and integrity.

Thanks a lot, PrishanTek!"

Stanley Wilson
Federal Plus Insurance
Trenton, NJ

"Though there were minor complications with the server at my end, PrishanTek was patient. I got elegant … at a busy time but we had a good back-and-forth via e-mail and a couple of phone calls about what I needed, and they produced a wonderful E-commerce website that I am very happy with. Now I need to get moving and help the site reach its potential."

Ronnie Hall
President, Hallstorm Web Solutions
New York, NY

"My site was a mess. I was ready to trash it when I contacted PrishanTek. I knew immediately that we could work together. Within five days I had an incredible site that reflected me. Five days!

I can’t say enough good things about Manish and PrishanTek's Team. Manish and Prerna was always available; always friendly and professional while I was still crazed from my last experience."

Nancy Andersen
V.P, Eazy Wedding Solutions, Inc.
Washington, DC

"Prerna was a lot of fun to work with, and I enjoyed her enthusiasm for my Designer Clothing website design. It’s always a pleasure to work with people like the ones on PrishanTek’s Team who love what they do!"

Linda Hooks
Owner, La Femme Studio
Los Angeles, CA

"I have had PrishanTek do several website designs for me - both commercial and personal - and been very satisfied with their work!

The latest is no exception - I sent them some info about what I had in mind. I sort of knew the style I was hoping for but had no idea of how proceed from there. PrishanTek’s team perfectly expressed the look I has envisaged.
I also want to highly praise their commitment to the clients. I have asked Manish (Manish Chauhan, CEO, PrishanTeK) several times if it was technically possible to execute various ideas and each time he has been able to find a solution to my needs. PrishanTek makes a site work the way one wants to it work, and that has made all the difference on my business sites.

Many kudos PrishanTek, and thanks so much..."

Paulette Donovan
Director, Southern Web Studio.
Lexington, SC



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