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"PrishanTek has consistently delivered high quality results. Their teams have built and continue to enhance interactive CDs and DVDs for me that are tops in both aesthetics and ease of use.”
                          - Monique Herberghs, Director, Prestige Technology, TX


Custom CD-ROMs and DVDs Authoring Services

PrishanTeK’s integrated, state-of-the-art studio provides end-to-end CD and DVD authoring services. Over the 5 years of its launch, this division has conceived, processed and released thousands of CDs and DVDs in (but not limited to) the following genres:

Documentary DVDs
Vintage Feature Films DVDs
Historical and Educational CDs
Corporate presentation CDs/DVDs
Personal collection CDs/DVDs
PC Only DVDs
Audio CDs
Web enabled DVDs

Our CD/DVD authoring services are all-inclusive and encompass concept blueprinting, development, content sourcing and assimilation, authoring and final design. We additionally design eye-catching inserts and cover art, including labels that are printed right onto the CD and DVD itself.
Your concept and our expertise in this field will combine to create a professional CD or DVD.

What customers are saying about our CD & DVD Authoring Services...
"We were hesitant to give our CD development work to a new company but decided to trust PrishanTeK’s impeccable references. Now, I am very satisfied with their work and I highly recommend them. The expertise of these guys is top-of-the-line! Add to that prompt service and practically round the clock support! All I can say is - they know their stuff. All the best guys!"|

Randy Morrow
CEO, Digital D’vide
Ottawa, Canada
"PrishanTek has consistently delivered high quality results. Their teams have built and continue to enhance interactive CDs and DVDs for me that are tops in both aesthetics and ease of use. PrishanTeK seems to thrive on complex challenges and delivering on them. Unarguably, they are at the top of the list of companies that I have used and would recommend without reservation."

Monique Herberghs
Director, Prestige Technology
Plano, TX

"Extremely responsive and responsible Team! Their work is excellent and their expertise is second to none. I will not hesitate to use or recommend them again. With the well documented approach and communication, it was really pleasant working with PrishanTek. They handled changes in the project without complaint. And, without question, we achieved exactly what we wanted in the end! Just loved the CDs developed by them."

Bob Bazzle
VP, Cyneta Communications
Lawrence, MA

"PrishanTek is a highly skilled, honest, and hard working Team that delivered a complicated project on-time and with great communications. I have worked with many different companies before, and I can say that the quality of work from PrishanTek was as near to perfect as I’ve ever encountered. Don’t hesitate to use the team they have put together."

R. Shivakrishnan
CEO, Taral Entertainment LLC
Salem, NH

"It’s a real pleasure working with PrishanTek- they really know how to make the most of my time. In a very short amount of time they learned to anticipate what I would and wouldn’t want, using past criticisms and the project specification. These guys are terrific -- I'll continue using them as long as we produce new DVDs."

Geoff Pearson, Owner
Xevo Digital Entertainments
Calabasas Hills, CA

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