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"I have worked with many different companies before, and I can say that the quality of work from PrishanTek was as near to perfect as Iíve ever encountered. Donít hesitate to use the team they have put together.”
                          - R. Shivakrishnan, CEO, Taral Entertainment LLC., NH


Why CD and DVD?

1 The simple truth is that the web may not always be the best tool to reach your prospective customers. "Beyond the browser" interactive products have often proved to be the only reliable universal medium to deliver a message to a targeted audience. CD-ROMs and DVDs allow for the development of compelling interactive environments with the flexibility of reaching almost any marketing objective.
2 Interactive presentations can be customized to every requirement, thereby increasing reception and sales. Interactive presentations have so many applications in sales, marketing, and education that the possibilities are limitless, as are the benefits to you, your business and your audience.
3 Sound, animation, interactivity, video, and voice-over capture the viewer's attention: This conveys your message in a cost-efficient, effective, professional and engaging manner and enables you to benefit from the power of multi-sensory input. Furthermore, you can distribute your interactive presentations by optical media, email or via Internet download.
4 CD-ROMs and DVDs are by far the most popular and lucrative media options for the storage and display of information. CDs can accommodate 700 megabytes of data - the equivalent of almost 500 floppy discs. A DVD can store 4.3 GB of data. Our CD-ROM development services exploit the CD-ROM advantage for maximum benefit to our clients by incorporating an appropriate blend of digital media, animation, images and text to provide a truly interactive experience to consumer audiences.

PrishanTek can provide content in easy-to-use CD-ROMs that come in customized shapes and sizes. We focus on developing CD-ROMs that offer precision, depth, color and motion within a user friendly interface and links to sites on the World Wide Web.

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