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"PrishanTek is an awesome company with extremely professional, creative, affordable and prompt services."
                              - Ahmed Ghuhari, Partner, United Designs, GA

Software & Technology- Development and Marketing

PrishanTeK is technologically equipped to generate software solutions for every conceivable business requirement. We execute high-quality software projects in accordance with our clients’ schedules. Our success repertoire includes projects in designing, building, testing, deployment and managing applications – and various combinations thereof. In every assignment, the processes employed are customized according to applicable languages and technologies.

Rigorous Quality Assurance precedes the deployment of developed software. Every system or application is tested under controlled conditions and results are evaluated for malfunction potential. The system or application is subjected to every possible extreme of operating conditions. This eliminates the possibility of failure in long-term operation by our clients. PrishanTeK’s QA division is fully attuned to its role as sentinel to the company’s impeccable reputation and track record.

What does this mean to our client? A bug-free, requirement-specific, easily maintainable, cost effective product - delivered on or ahead of schedule. Furthermore, PrishanTeK can – on demand – mastermind the designed software’s commercial promotion on the global market.

What customers are saying about our Software Development Services...
“I was on a very tight schedule and PrishanTeK executed the job quickly and with great responsiveness. They worked long hours to get this done on time and I appreciate their hard work and dedication to accuracy.”

Tony Gorman
CTO, Global Solutions LLC.
Alameda, CA
“I had a really good experience on this project. I was more than happy with the results. They (PrishanTeK) were also flexible, accommodating and resourceful when unforeseen challenges developed. I’m looking forward to our next mobile development project.”

Glenda Kaiser
V.P., FTBrown Consultancy
Reston, VA

“Outstanding in all Categories: Knowledge, Professionalism, Helpfulness, Integrity, Responsiveness. They found an alternative to what I wanted that actually saved money for me (thereby compromising their profit margin). Not many people would do this and it speaks volumes about their professionalism. I will definitely work with them in the future.”

Edward Urbanlak
President, Ryanko Associates
Duluth, GA

“This company is interested in satisfying the customer. I’m very satisfied with its professionalism and responsiveness. The team was very easy to work with and met all the deadlines.”

Jose Pantall, PM
Stefanno Marketing Communications, Inc.
Somerset, NJ

“No price can be set on a person willing to jump into a fire as big as this one was... and we worked as a team to resolve the issue in record time. PrishanTek is an asset.”

Rigoberto Ramirez
Owner Strategix Solutions LLC
Fredericksburg, MD

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