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Throughout these years, PrishanTek has demonstrated excellent devel-opment skills, outstanding communication and first-rate customer support.
                                    - Dhruv Garg, President, IntelliWerkes, Inc., CA

Case Studies

Effective Use of QA Resources
A young but growing telecommunications company turned to PrishanTeK for QA assistance when its in-house team could not fully support its rapidly expanding testing needs. The Client’s QA requirements included testers, test leads, process engineers, and software configuration management engineers. PrishanTeK provided the client with a scalable team of testing experts that could flex up or down to meet the level of testing activity. By teaming with PrishanTeK to more efficiently manage its financial and human resources, this company easily met its escalating QA workload.

PrishanTeK Drives QA Testing
A leading online human resources portal retained PrishanTeK to plan and execute testing of an intranet site for two automobile manufacturers. While this company had devoted enormous resources to developing its clients’ site, it had not fully considered the QA aspect and was facing considerable schedule setbacks. PrishanTeK’s experts took control of the process with minimal ramp-up time, implementing a strategy to mitigate all risk areas before final delivery. In collaboration with its client’s testers and a leading load testing solution provider, PrishanTeK acted as liaison among the parties. By assigning QA responsibility to PrishanTeK, the Client delivered a completely tested portal on time without diverting valuable in-house resources from essential development activity.

QA Process and Product Improvements
PrishanTeK deployed a team of senior technology consultants for a worldwide communications company to tackle its numerous QA challenges and develop a multi-site global solution. While the client’s immediate need was to replace an obsolete and unsupported system, PrishanTeK recognized additional opportunities for operational efficiency. To improve tracking and reporting of widely dispersed information, the team proposed a Web-based system allowing the client’s customers, engineers, and labs to access global audit and quality data. PrishanTeK’s analysis of its client’s needs resulted not only in better and more current technology but also in improved processes and productivity.

Traveling at The Speed of Byte
A renowned travel website was growing at an exponential rate, yet the company was not sure its Web infrastructure or its ability to scale up reservations applications to meet the projected traffic growth. Furthermore, its in-house testing staff lacked the expertise to use the load-testing tool the firm licensed. With a deadline looming, PrishanTeK’s senior QA consultants were retained to develop a load-testing strategy and to thoroughly train in-house staff in proper load-testing methodologies. With PrishanTeK providing the right consultants, the Client addressed its scalability concerns and met the challenge of rapid expansion.

Software Testing for the New Millennium
While preparing to test its software and hardware systems for Year 2000 compliance, a leading pharmaceutical company found it had hundreds of applications running in a host of operating environments, from mainframe to Internet to PC. With no corporate standards for testing software, the company turned to PrishanTeK to develop a detailed and flexible methodology. Over a two-year period, PrishanTeK’s test engineers, technical analysts, and project managers planned and executed testing on all of the client’s priority applications. The client met its Y2K compliance obligations without diverting its staff resources from day-to-day operations.

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