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"At PrishanTeK, we believe that the Indian culture is an asset that can greatly benefit our dealings with Western companies.”


Harnessing the Cultural Advantage

Much of today’s outsourcing focuses on product development and services. In such an environment, cost disparity often determines whether a company makes a profit or incurs a loss. With the outsourcing of higher value added services and products, the process often becomes very complex. Cultural disparity can render communications difficult and hinder business dealings between companies.

But with the necessary vision, certain differences can be harnessed into promoting a more convivial and fruitful business environment. At PrishanTeK, we believe that the Indian culture is an asset that can greatly benefit our dealings with Western companies.

India’s culture - its people and their music, art and literature – is a vital force that has immense potential for truly global reach. India has become world’s offshore outsourcing nexus for the following reasons:
Regional Infrastructure and Geography: India has a strong infrastructure that has been vastly improved over the past 4 years. The country has an extensive public transit system, reliable, stable electricity, well-developed telecommunications and data communications infrastructure, and convenient land, sea and air transportation.
Language Resources: India is the second largest English speaking country after US. The language is spoken widely, which gives India an advantage over other countries on the outsourcing circuit.
Innovative Creativity: Indians are a creative people used to improvisation and developing creative, cost-effective solutions to solve difficult problems. This aspect constantly results in innovative new methods of solving problems associated with new technologies in today’s corporate world. The country’s advanced levels of scientific research are legendary.
Time Difference: Providentially, the time difference between India and other countries often proves advantageous. US-based problems isolated in the daytime can be sent for overnight rectification and timely presentation in the morning. Dictations made in the US during day time can be transcribed during the nighttime and be made available at the desk at US daybreak.

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