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"In a market which is constantly changing regarding needs for people skills, I am pleased to say that PrishanTeK has been in the forefront in identifying companies to match our skill sets.”
Angelina Quantrill, one of our candidates


For Consultants

Building on a foundation of client and candidate satisfaction

PrishanTeK’s corporate goal is compatible with yours “Solving client problems.” Our consultant recruitment objective is two-fold:

• Locating highly qualified and skilled people
• Ensuring that they derive pride and personal fulfillment in their work

This is important, because PrishanTeK’s consultants represent the company and vice versa. In other words, building mutually productive, long-term relationships based on shared mission objectives is central to PrishanTeK’s management approach.

At PrishanTeK, corporate success and progress depend on the availability of accomplished people who function flawlessly and efficiently both as individual client representatives and as team members. The company pulls out all the stops to attract such client-oriented personnel by regular payments, prompt response to requests and concerns, processing paperwork, monitoring progress and generally assisting consultants in all areas of the job. We at PrishanTeK believe in ensuring that our consultants are satisfied with their engagement and their professional relationship with us.

If you are a skilled IT consultant who is looking for a contract with a highly professional organization, PrishanTeK could well mean the end of your quest. Please refer to our open contract opportunities for further details.

What consultants are saying about our Recruitment Services...
"With PrishanTeK I never once felt like I was just another CV in the filing cabinet. Even when things didn't work out, the contact never stopped. I don't see the PrishanTeK team as the guys who got me an interview, I see then as the friends without whom I would never have got the job. A Big Thank You to the PrishanTeK Team!"

Ryan Harris
One of our candidates
"I would just like to thank you for the service I have received. While looking for a new job I went to a few interviews through a few different agencies. I was never entirely satisfied with their service. I think that the way my case was dealt with by PrishanTeK and the responses I received from you helped me to get what I am hoping will be the perfect job for me. I didn't find anything that I could complain about and I will be happy to recommend you to colleagues of mine."

Sushil Gupta
One of our candidates

"I was very encouraged by your professional approach and feel for the market. Its a very pleasant change from having to deal with a bunch of kids who clearly have no idea of what they're doing."

Mathew Hoggart
One of our candidates

"In a market which is constantly changing regarding needs for people skills, I am pleased to say that PrishanTeK has been in the forefront in identifying companies to match our skill sets. They ensure that they are aware of the type of person their clients are looking for before any potential candidates are interviewed. This is a refreshingly unique in today's market. Our needs have been fully understood and satisfied."

Angelina Quantrill
One of our candidates

“Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes
after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.”
                                                                        - Theodore Isaac Rubin

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