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"The Indian ITES-BPO industry is expected to touch revenues of around US$ 5.7 billion by the end of 2004-05, at a growth rate of 44.4 percent..”
                          - National Association of Software and Service Companies


B.P.O Fingertip Facts

1 How will outsourcing benefit me?

Business Process Outsourcing allows you to:
• Focus on business strategies and goals
• Close your books faster
• Ensures reliable, accurate bookkeeping
• Attain specialization
• Capitalize on the expertise of the outsourcing company
• Reduce recruitment, training, administration and other operational costs
• Minimize costs by 50% or more

2 What size of business benefits from Outsourced Bookkeeping services?
We specialize in services for small and medium-sized businesses with transactions ranging between 200 and 10000 per month.
3 How do we communicate?
Our representatives and supervisors are accessible to you over email, chat and phone. We maintain our relationship with you by remaining accessible to you at all times.
4 Can I opt out of the contract?
You can terminate your contract with us at any point of time by informing us, subject to settlement of all dues.
5 What are the available services?
  PrishanTeK offers you the following services
• Transaction entry
• Easy, systematic filing
• Anytime document viewing facility
• Viewing and downloading of QuickBooks® records
• Disaster recovery
• Bank reconciliation
• Revenue recognition
• Accounts receivable
• Revenue receipts
• Accounts payable
• Bill payments
• Incomes
• Depreciation
• Balancing of all receipts, expenses and income

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