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"Great Company! I was looking for a fast turnaround on transcriptions, and they delivered as promised. Very professional. ’.”
        - Anne Marie Canis, Owner, Foundstone Transcription Services, Washington, DC


Transcription Services

PrishanTeK offers the perfect transcription solutions to tackle overflow Medical, Financial, Legal and Administrative transcription loads. The service offers rapid turnaround for hospitals, clinics, group practices, corporate offices, legal and financial companies.

Our transcription services distinguish themselves by fast, accurate and AAMT Book of Style compliant reports. PrishanTeK’s technical know-how guarantees universal system compatibility. In addition, we offer direct dictation service and capability of re-recording dictations from many different dictation systems.

We employ the latest voice recording, data transfer, and editing technology to reduce reporting costs and shorten turnaround time.
PrishanTeK does not compromise on the high standards that drive the transcription industry.

The following are our feature highlights:
Toll free access to digital dictation system 24/7, customized to client specifications
Turnaround time as determined by client
Reports customized to client format parameters
HIS system interface adaptability
Delivery to client via secure network
24/7 client support
Customized reporting of workflow
Complete confidentiality guaranteed
What customers are saying about our Transcription Services...
"Great Company! I was looking for a fast turnaround on transcriptions, and they delivered as promised. Very professional. I especially appreciate the regular contact by the team throughout completion of the project. I am with this company since the last two-and-half years now and am sure we will continue to work together for many more."
Anne Marie Canis
Owner, Foundstone Transcription Services
Washington, DC
"I am very impressed with your work. It is not only professionally transcribed but also beautifully formatted very logically. Not just one big continuous block of text, as was my experience with another company. Thanks a lot - I am looking forward to working with you again, and again, and again..."

Ahmad Sherrifi
CEO, Singularity Communications
Portland, WA

"PrishanTek has been fun to work with! We're about halfway through the project, and they have really done a great job with a number of difficult recordings. Very professional & conscientious."

Simone Mesen, Director
Target Administrative Services
Portland, OR

"We did enjoy working with PrishanTek very much. Great guys who really walk the extra mile for us. Without asking they offered many suggestions to improve our audio recording system. Manish (Manish Chauhan COO, PrishanTeK) was always online for discussion or clarification. It is hard to find guys like him who really care about their customers’ needs."

Cathy Fisher
Director, Adelphia Translation Services
Columbia, NC

"Solid job all around."

W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.,


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