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"PrishanTek's work exceeded our expectations. Very fast turnaround time; we are very pleased with the final work.”
                                               - Paradee, (www.eboz.com), Los Angeles, CA


Financial Outsourcing

Most progressive companies today prefer to outsource the financial and accounting aspects of their business. This gives them a competitive edge and serves as a strategic tool for reducing costs, optimizing operational efficiency and increasing shareholder value.
PrishanTeK invites you to avail of its internet-based accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services through the web. Medium to small-sized businesses can benefit from the quality, cost, security and service that we extend to large-scale undertakings.

Size notwithstanding, a major prerequisite for any successful business is efficient, secure, precise real time bookkeeping. This is vital for the uniformity and transparency of financial records and promotes smooth day-to-day business functioning.

By assuming complete responsibility for the maintenance of your financial records, our services allow your CPA, CFO, Controller and Accountant to concentrate on the more expedient strategic needs of your business.

A secure portal allows you to view all your records/upload/download in privacy. This assures you of full control of your records at any time.

Book-keeping Services
Transaction entry
Easy, systematic filing
Anytime document viewing facility
Viewing and downloading of QuickBooks® records
Disaster recovery
Bank reconciliation
Revenue recognition
Accounts receivable
Revenue receipts
Accounts payable
Bill payments
Balancing of all receipts, expenses and income

HR Outsourcing
Effective human resources practices translate into maximized productivity and profitability. However, arbitrary use of HR concepts (no matter how progressive) can have a detrimental effect. These must be adapted to suit the unique requirements of your business environment. This is where PrishanTeK comes in.

A Professional Employer Organization, PrishanTeK can enable you to outsource all your HR-pertinent administrative operations. As your human resources partner, PrishanTeK offers you a vast array of benefits and services:

This is what few of our customers say about our Administrative Services

Human resource services

Employee benefits administration
Risk management services
Payroll and tax administration

In its capacity of ‘off-site’ Human Resources Department and employer of record for your concern, PrishanTeK assumes all personnel-related obligations - enabling you to focus on core business concerns.

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